2E Apothecary: Our Mission and How You Can Help

2E Apothecary: Our Mission and How You Can Help

When our co-founder and son received a diagnoses of being autistic, we began to research every aspect of living on the spectrum. We researched how we could best support our son as he grows and found some disturbing statistics for employment and average life span for people on the spectrum. 90% of autistic adults are under or unemployed with an average life span of 36. We were scared for our son but hopeful that we could help him to not become a statistic.

From that hope 2E Apothecary was created. Our vision is to create jobs for the neurodiverse and differently abled communities where we can celebrate their uniquenesses provide them with a safe space to work. We need your help to make this happen!

You can help us by buying our products, sharing them with your friends and family, or even becoming a wholesale partner.

Thank you for your support!

Crystal, Jonathan, and the rest of the family

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